About Us

We are a lively, active group that includes all age groups, with varying levels of horticultural expertise from novice to very experienced, and a shared love of gardening. The club was founded in February, 2003 and response by community residents was enthusiastic. The club then moved from its original location to larger quarters at Athens District High School and had taken on a number of community projects in addition to its regular club meetings. We now meet at Athens Free Methodist Church, 58 Elgin Street North, Athens, which is fully accessible. In 2005, the club became a member of District three of The Ontario Horticultural Association.

Our membership of about seventy includes residents of several area communities as well as Athens.




Board positions are underlined.

President: Jean Brassington 613-924-1944

Vice-President: Vacant

Past Presidents: Katherine Killins 613-924-7142, Donna Washburn 613-923-2116

Secretary: Freda Schaafsma 613-924-9036

Treasurer: Gail Boynton 613-924-0106

Membership Secretary: Noni Pietersma 613-342-4080

Newsletter & Design Director: Celia Godkin 613-275-7204

Tree of Knowledge Program: Ursula Quantz 613-924-1091

Memory Garden Coordinator & Telephone Contact Coordinator:

Pat Blanchard 613-924-9050

Community Garden Coordinator: Mary Slade 613-9340-1404

Membership & Facebook Coordinator: Jane Hart 613-924-9714


Website Coordinator: Chris Hanna

Club Photographer: Linda Earl


Program & Publicity Coordinators

Interested in becoming more involved in the Garden Club? Please call a Board Member to find out more or send an email to: athensclubexec@gmail.com


The Garden Club has created a number of gardens in the village of Athens and we continue to maintain those listed below. Please consider volunteering to help us keep your community looking beautiful. It’s a great way to actively participate in Athens Garden Club and get to know your fellow gardeners.

The Memory Garden is located next to the Joshua Bates Centre. It was created as a place for quiet contemplation, in memory of the 11 young men from Athens who gave their lives in the First World War. If you’d like to work with Pat Blanchard in the Memory Garden, please contact her at 613-924-9050.

The Library Garden is a small garden in front of the Athens Public Library. If you’d like to work in the Library Garden, please contact Gail Boynton at 613-924-0106 or Freda Schaafsma at 613-924-9036 to book a date with them.

The Community Garden is located on Elgin Street North, beside the Township of Athens Works Garage. Each spring, students from Athens District High School plant vegetables (and some flowers) in this garden. We need volunteers to weed and water from the time school is out until the end of the growing season. Sign up for one week and have the flexibility to work when you please during that time. To book your week, please call Mary Slade at 613-340-1404. Mary harvests the produce and delivers it to the Athens Food Bank.


  1. Edith George

    My name is Edith George and I am an Advsior to the Ontario Urban Forest Council. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2013 as a non-profit. I travel the province with a presentation titled “Heritage Tree – Preserving Our Natural Roots”. I would very much like to come and speak to your group. Please google Edith George Heritage Trees for additional information. Letters of reference are available upon request.

  2. Below is a contact address to our website in order to view the 40 different 2016 community presentations which we would be prepared to give to your gardening group at one of your future meetings. You may leave a message on our website if we can be of assistance.


    Bill Allen
    Rideau1000islands Master Gardener

    • Thank you for your contact address, Bill. We hope to access your speaker resources in the future. We usually complete our speaker calendar for the following year by the end of the current year, and hope to be in touch in the Fall.
      Best wishes,
      Jean Brassington
      Athens Garden Club

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