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Vegetable Gardening Workshop and November AGM

Hello Everyone,

Maria Breton will be having a vegetable gardening workshop from 10 a.m to Noon on November 13th at the Athens Community Garden. The remaining carrots, beets and peppers as well as swiss chard and peas were donated to the food bank. After clearing the remaining plants, Maria put down compost and straw to prepare for the planting.

Community Garden Oct 27 2014Everyone is welcome to attend Maria’s workshop.

The Annual General Meeting will be held November 18th at the ADHS cafeteria, 7pm.  Following the AGM we will enjoy social time and refreshments. Please bring some goodies to share. Karen DeJong will also demonstrate how to create beautiful displays from readily available items. To join in the fun please bring a basket or other container, pine boughs, birch branches and other decorative items.